Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adam Bergstein and Dungeon Hero

Amongst the announced titles at E3 I really look forward to a little game called Dungeon Hero. At first glance this appears to be another random dungeon crawl hack n’ slash, but the name is ironic. Watching the trailer you get a very different viewpoint of the dungeon world. This particular dungeon isn’t a treasure trove of gold and riches housing fiendish ghouls and nasties just waiting to attack any human that seeks their loot, it’s more like subsidized housing. I am a lover of innovation in gaming, and this game fulfills that in spades. It takes a recognized genre and turns it on its ear. I can’t remember the last dungeon crawler I looked forward to playing.

Much like Molyneux’s announcement of another Fable title, Dungeon Hero looks like it will be a fascinating exploration of already explored worlds. I admit, I am more than eager to spend some time down in that dungeon. No word on whether or not you will get to play as a dungeon dweller, but either way this game makes me wish more titles looked at themselves with a sense of humor. If there were more innovative games on the market, games that attracted non-gamers and those who just like a good story, we might start beating some of the horrendous accusations lobbed at the gaming community. But no, companies continue to release crap title after crap title. It just makes me tired.