Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Adam Bergstein on Harmonix

Harmonix is taking themselves pretty seriously these days, especially when it comes to their new game Rock Band. Apparently they are setting up an advisory board of rock stars and musicians to err, advise them about what music should go into the game. The guy they chose to head their crack team of experts is someone called “Little Steven,” which sounds more like the little mouse from the children’s movie than an expert on modern music.

I’m sorry, but I fail to see how this will ensure the games success. We already know what songs are popular. Anyone who listens to the radio could sit on that advisory committee and do just as well as “Little Steven.” What it all comes do is Harmonix trying to make themselves into some legitimate musical entity instead of what they are, an incredibly successful video game developer. Come on, embrace who you are. All this grandstanding is annoying. Knowing that Harmonix is ashamed of who they are is equally annoying. “Little Steven” is annoying. It just makes me tired.