Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adam Bergstein on E3 Releases

There are a couple of exciting releases highlighted at E3 so far. I say so far because it’s only just beginning, but I am particularly interested by several titles out there. The first being [Mass Effect (] , a game that promises to bring tight story and plot to science fiction gaming. God I can here all the fanboys drooling over [Halo3 (] but honestly, I’m tired of the series. Mass Effect promises much of the same game play with an interesting storyline and phenomenal graphics to boot. Oh, I’m sure Halo3 will do well, it already has exploded in the beta, and I love what they did with the ARG, since I’m a fan of the Lost alternate reality game running this summer. Check out my site, [Adam Bergstein is Lost Beyond the Looking Glass (] for more info on that particular obsession.

What I don’t like, however, is how a series is somehow viable for sequels just because the previous games were popular. It’s almost as if we expect video games to churn out newer versions of the same old tripe. Take the Madden series for instance. Yes, we will see a Maddon ’08, ’09, ’10, but do we really need to? Isn’t it just fine enough to play the older games with the same lame quips? It just makes me tired.